Friday, October 12, 2012

Evolution vs Creationism

Ok, I just wanted to give my Blogger friends some background on these shows.  These are actual radio shows that I create and do live over my computer.  You can actually call into my radio show from your phone or with Skype.  My number is 718-766-4867.  You can also just click the link to my show and listen live without calling in.  I also have an Instant Messenger CHAT ROOM function that allows you to be able to type questions, make statements, etc…  Everyone can see this live in the Chat room.  I have been attaching SurveyMonkey surveys and if you can at minimum do the survey it will help me A LOT!  I need as much data as I can to better operate my show and cover topics that interest you.  I am working on my Master’s Degree in Zoology and the main component of my Master Plan is to try and overcome misconceptions in Evolution within my Community.  Phase one are these shows.  If you happen to miss a show they are all also archived for your listening pleasure.  Please don’t hesitate to send me questions and I appreciate your time. 
Here is tonight’s show: